Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sophomore Year

I'm always so uneasy when it comes to posting my artwork on my blog. It's just so intimidating after seeing the quality of work of my fellow classmates, that I feel like my work is not worth posting at times. But I realized with that mentality, I'm never going to post anything and the whole point of this blog is to see the progression of my work! I just need to grow some balls and stop caring because I don't think anybody else really cares but myself, heh :]

Soooo enough with my rambling and I'll start sharing the projects that almost killed me throughout the semester. They're all incomplete and every one of these needs tweaking but... maybe some other time! Let's start off with my first computer animation, primitive theater.

^nurbs x____x


Concept stuff

Here's to progression!


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  2. Great stuff Christine! Your sitstand and still life really impress me. And I also agree, it's so hard having the guts to post unfinished work. XD But I think if you've worked the hardest you can, and what you put out sincerely reflects what you can all means post it :)